AE (AEB4449 .020) Conrod Bearings

AE (AEB4449 .020) Conrod Bearings

$100.14 /SET

010 020 Shaft 2.7496/2.7504¨ 69.840/69.860mm Tunnel 2.9412/2.9420¨ 74.706/74.727mm

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AEB4449 .020
Conrod Bearings
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010 020

Shaft 2.7496/2.7504¨ 69.840/69.860mm

Tunnel 2.9412/2.9420¨ 74.706/74.727mm

clearance item con rod brg ford 233/256ci 1/1 4.2/4.4 bore petrol/diesel


For excellent top-engine components that support engine performance and meet original equipment (OE) manufacturer standards, AE® has the answer.

Turbocharging and other techniques for CO2 reduction are driving up temperatures and pressures, while rising biofuel contents contribute to an ever-more aggressive top-engine environment. Only components that employ OE design expertise, with the latest advanced materials and manufacturing quality, can provide the performance and durability that professional engine technicians demand.

AE offers the most comprehensive range of top-engine parts from any single source, including valve-train, camtrain and ancillary products, belts and timing belt kits. The current range comprises of 1,200 valves, 350 valve guides, 30 valve seats, 280 camshafts and related parts covering 7,400 different engines and over 27,400 applications. The range is complemented by a portfolio of timing belts that covers more than 14,000 applications.

Suitable For

Ford Tractor
4100 256
5000 256
5500 256
5610 256
6000 256
6500 256
6600 256
6700 256
Super Major 5000 233
Super Major 5000 256
Super Major 5600 233