Arco (LVTO1375154010) Lifters

Arco (LVTO1375154010) Lifters

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lifter toyota 1hdt-1hz-3l


ARCO Motor Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1981, is a professional engine parts exporter with fully operational sales and warehousing facilities in Taichung, a city located in central Taiwan; enriched with multi-cultures and arts. Today, the company is a key player in the global marketplace, serving industries that range from automotive and commercial vehicles to snowmobile and agricultural. Our products portfolio includes complete liner kit, piston with rings kit, sleeve, piston, piston rings, gasket, valve, bearing, timing kit, oil pump, water pump, cylinder head, camshaft and turbocharger, etc.

Suitable For

4 Runner LN130 3L
Coaster HDB50 1HD-T
Coaster HZB30 1HZ
Coaster HZB50 1HZ
Dyna 150 LY211 3L
Dyna 150 LY61 3L
Dyna LH80 2L (Mark 2)
Dyna LY230 5L
Hiace LH100 2L (Mark 2)
Hiace LH103 3L
Hiace LH113 3L
Hiace LH125 3L
Hiace LH162 5L
Hiace LH172 5L
Hiace LH184 5L
Hilux KZN165 1KZ-TE
Hilux KZN185 1KZ-TE
Hilux LN106 3L
Hilux LN107 3L
Hilux LN111 3L
Hilux LN147 5L
Hilux LN167 5L
Hilux LN172 5L
Hilux LN80 (Imp.) 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN85 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN86 3L
Hilux Surf LN130 (imp.) 2L Turbo (Mark 2)
Hilux Surf KZN130 1KZ-TE
Landcruiser HDJ80 1HD-T
Landcruiser HDJ81 1HD-T
Landcruiser HZJ105 1HZ
Landcruiser HZJ70 1HZ
Landcruiser HZJ73 1HZ
Landcruiser HZJ75 1HZ
Landcruiser HZJ78 1HZ
Landcruiser HZJ79 1HZ
Landcruiser HZJ80 1HZ
Landcruiser LJ78 (imp.) 2L Turbo (Mark 2)
Landcruiser Prado KZJ120 1KZ-TE
Landcruiser Prado KZJ95 1KZ-TE
Landcruiser PZJ70 1PZ
Landcruiser PZJ73 1PZ