Balo (7008) Electronic Fuel Injection

Balo (7008) Electronic Fuel Injection

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Injector sleeves

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Electronic Fuel Injection
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Injector sleeves

injector tube merc om352


BALO-Motortex, Germany. Since 1961 they have been a manufacturer of camshafts, and cylinder heads for European car and truck applications.

Supplier to O.E. and to the aftermarket worldwide, the company site covers an area of 27,000m².

Balo-Motortex is a member of the Georgsmarienhütte group of companies.

Suitable For

Mercedes-Benz Truck
1017 OM352A OM353A
1217 OM352A OM353A
1317 OM360
1319 OM360
1413 OM352A OM353A
1417 OM352A OM353A
1418 OM346
1419 OM360
1513 OM352A OM353A
1518 OM346
1519 OM360
1617 OM352A OM353A
1618 OM346
1619 OM346
1619 OM360
1620 OM355
1624 OM355
1819 OM360
1918 OM346
1920 OM355
1924 OM355
2020 OM346
2220 OM355
2224 OM355
2620 OM346
2624 OM355
917 OM352A OM353A
L1013 OM352 OM353
L1113 OM352 OM353
L1213 OM352 OM353
L1313 OM352 OM353
L1413 OM352 OM353
L1513 OM352 OM353
L1613 OM352 OM353
L1713 OM352 OM353
L508 OM314
L608 OM314
L613 OM352 OM353
L709 OM314
L710 OM352 OM353
L808 OM314
L809 OM314
L810 OM352 OM353
L811 OM352 OM353
L813 OM352 OM353
L911 OM352 OM353
L913 OM352 OM353
LP1417 OM360
LP1817 OM360
O302 OM360
O302 OM352 OM353
O305 OM360
O309 OM314
O309 OM352 OM353
O311 OM352 OM353
O312 OM352 OM353
O317 OM346
O321 OM352 OM353
O322 OM352 OM353
Unimog OM352 OM353
Unimog U models OM352A OM353A