Clevite (CB-634P(8)) STD Conrod Bearings Set

Clevite (CB-634P(8)) STD Conrod Bearings Set

$79.05 /SET

STD 010 020 030 040 060 Shaft 2.1288/2.1236¨ 54.072/53.939mm Tunnel 2.2390/2.2398¨ 56.871/56.891mm

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Conrod Bearings
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Clevite® engine bearings have an extensive, long-standing history with racing. Clevite® product has been winning NASCAR®-sanctioned races since 1948, and is the exclusive bearing of NASCAR Performance.

Clevite® offer the most extensive line of performance engine bearings in the market. Their range of performance engine bearings is designed to provide winning results even in the most demanding applications. Their involvement in INDY, NASCAR, ARCA, NHRA and IHRA racing as well as other forms of motorsports have proven Clevite® to be the leaders in engine bearing technology both on the track and off.


Clevite® heavy duty engine bearings includes rod, main, and cam bearings. All but the cam bearings are made with the legendary Clevite® TriMetal™ CL-112 material. Clevite® cam bearings are precision bored to eliminate the need for machining after installation. This exclusive bearing design features a steel backing for support, a cast-copper lead alloy center for strength and durability, nickel dam for chemical stability, and an electroplated white metal babbitt overlay for slipperiness, conformability and embedability. The intermediate cast-copper lead layer creates and interlocked columnar structure capable of withstanding much heavier pulsating loads than any other bearing design.

Clevite® TriMetal™ engine bearings have been tested and given a 12,000 psi rating, the highest in the industry. They are more resistant to corrosion and out-perform traditional bearings by 20 percent or more. That makes Clevite's TriMetal material the strongest currently available in the industry.

Suitable For

Ford Car
Bronco 302 Windsor
F series 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Fairlane 260
Fairlane AU 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Fairlane NC 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Fairlane NF 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Fairlane NL 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Fairlane ZA 289 Windsor
Fairlane ZB 302 Windsor
Fairlane ZC 302 Windsor
Falcon AU 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Falcon EB 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Falcon ED 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Falcon EF 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Falcon EL 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Falcon XR 289 Windsor
Falcon XT 302 Windsor
Falcon XW 302 Windsor
Falcon XY 302 Windsor
Galaxie 289 Windsor
Galaxie 302 Windsor
LTD AU 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
LTD DC 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
LTD DF 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
LTD DL 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Mustang 289 Windsor
Mustang 302 Windsor
TE50 5.6 Litre (EFI) Windsor
TL50 5.6 Litre (EFI) Windsor
TS50 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor
TS50 5.6 Litre (EFI) Windsor
Various 289 302 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor Performance