Dayco 115062 Viscous Fan Clutch

Dayco 115062 Viscous Fan Clutch

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Fan Clutch

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Fan Clutch
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Dayco 115062 Viscous Fan Clutch Fan Clutch



Dayco is a global leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of essential engine products, drive systems and services for automobiles and trucks.

Suitable For

Ford Car
Cortina TC 200 Non X-Flow
Cortina TC 250 Non X-Flow
Cortina TD 200 Non X-Flow
Cortina TD 250 Non X-Flow
Cortina TE 200 Alloy X-Flow
Cortina TE 250 Alloy X-Flow
Cortina TE 200 Cast X-Flow
Cortina TE 250 Cast X-Flow
Cortina TF 200 Alloy X-Flow
Cortina TF 250 Alloy X-Flow
F100 250 Cast X-Flow
F100 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZA 200 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZB 200 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZD 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZF 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZG 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZJ 250 Cast X-Flow
Fairlane ZJ 250 Alloy X-Flow
Fairlane ZK 250 Alloy X-Flow
Fairlane ZL 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XA 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XA 250 Non X-Flow
Falcon XB 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XB 250 Non X-Flow
Falcon XC 200 Cast X-Flow
Falcon XC 250 Cast X-Flow
Falcon XD 200 Cast X-Flow
Falcon XD 200 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XD 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XE 200 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XE 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XF 200 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XF 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XM 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XP 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XR 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XY 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XY 250 Non X-Flow
LTD FC 250 Cast X-Flow
LTD FC 250 Alloy X-Flow
LTD FD 250 Alloy X-Flow
LTD FE 250 Alloy X-Flow
Nissan Ute 250 Alloy X-Flow
Transit 250 Cast X-Flow
Transit 200 Non X-Flow