Durabond (FKF-1) Engine Block

Durabond (FKF-1) Engine Block

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Engine hardware finishing kit (contains various bolts, dowels, keys, plugs etc)

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Engine Block
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Engine hardware finishing kit (contains various bolts, dowels, keys, plugs etc)

hardware finish kit ford 302w includes 2pce f/pump eccentric


Ground breaking valve seat insert technology as used by OE supplier Kolbenschmidt AG in Germany.

GOLD series designed for both petrol and diesel engines that are naturally aspirated or turbo charged.

DIAMOND series designed for extreme applications such as LPG and propane fuels.

Modern engines put much higher levels of thermal and mechanical stress on valve seats inserts. To handle the more severe conditions with these new generation engines, OEM is equipping them with high tech sintered valve seat inserts. The normal cast iron valve seat inserts will no longer adequately withstand the demands of this new engine environment. This is the reason why Durabond developed high tech sintered powder metal valve seat inserts in two specifications to suit any engine.

Suitable For

Ford Car
Bronco 302 Windsor
Fairlane 260
Fairlane ZA 289 Windsor
Fairlane ZB 302 Windsor
Fairlane ZC 302 Windsor
Fairlane ZC 351 Windsor
Falcon XR 289 Windsor
Falcon XT 302 Windsor
Falcon XW 351 Windsor
Falcon XW 302 Windsor
Falcon XY 302 Windsor
Galaxie 289 Windsor
Galaxie 302 Windsor
Mustang 351 Windsor
Mustang 289 Windsor
Mustang 302 Windsor
Various 289 302 5.0 Litre (EFI) Windsor Performance
Various 351 Windsor Performance